52 People: Connecting With Life Through Strangers

52 People Front Cover

“My best friend died a stranger to me.” He was the best man at his wedding and gave the eulogy at his funeral. Yet, author Jayson Krause experienced the crushing realization that he knew very little about his best friend. This stinging revelation led to a passionate year-long quest in search of meaningful connection. Adventurous, courageous and revealing, Krause bravely tackles the myths of social connection and approaches random strangers from across the world in attempt to find the hidden answers. 52 People takes readers to the daring place of real connection and offers a compelling and urgent way of thinking about relationships and life. “Jayson Krause’s 52 People is an inspired and truly authentic piece of work. The stories are beautifully told and will touch your heart. This book will move you to examine your own relationships in a new and hopeful light. In a world of “high tech”, this unique and timely project offers a “high touch” experience.” – David Irvine, Author of ‘Becoming Real: Journey To Authenticity’ and ‘Simple Living In A Complex World’ “52 People takes us back to what it is to be human.” – Karen Kimsey-House, CEO and Co-founder of The Coaches Training Institute

Interested in learning more about how to build strong relationships in a hi-tech world ? Then try Jayson’s book, 52 People.

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