The Science
Behind Success

“We’ve seen it happen over and over. When you give your people the science behind leadership, it becomes less elusive and more likely to take hold in your organization. We use science to simplify leadership.”

We have used the Science Behind Success method with senior leadership teams responsible for billion dollar budgets to create cultures of high performance. While the content can be adapted to fit the various levels within your organization, we specialize in growing your leadership pipeline. Your emerging leaders and middle managers will be exposed to the mindset and tools to be enterprise leaders. They will learn how to accelerate results, build engagement, influence others and create the conditions for success in your company.

Start with a 60-Minute Disruption

Replace Your Weekly Meeting with an Empowering Disruption

Jayson Krause has presented the 60-minute Disruption to organizations of all sizes across the world. This keynote has inspired individuals inside organizations like Ikea, IBM and Jabil Circuits.

We provide an engaging summary of neuroscience, physiology and emerging science that your employees will apply to the business immediately. This session answers questions like:

Why can key habits be so hard to develop? What makes change so hard?  How do we stop certain behaviors from spreading? How do we increase engagement?How do we make culture a priority for each leader?

This presentation is ideal to set the stage for a change initiatives, re-brand, re-org, or other pivotal changes being introduced to your organization. As a critical primer for change, this delivery is best describe as a catalyst for a culture shift/reset, and can be designed to engage all levels of your organization.

SBS Half-Day Disruption

Give your team a different off-site experience – one that disrupts the way they view the business, builds engagement and develops the mindset needed to lead in challenging times.

The Science Behind Success Half-Day Disruption is an extended version of the 60-minute session and will will expose your team to a cutting-edge approach to build high-performance teams. This experiential session is highly engaging and will introduce them to the mindset needed to collaborate and co-drive performance. Through a unique approach that blends individual and group activities, this session will set a new trajectory for success in your organization.

Customized Leadership Blueprint

The Science Behind Success: Leadership Blueprint is a customizable experiential workshop that will provide your managers an opportunity to apply the science-based methods to build their unique leadership blueprint. Through a deeper dive into the science behind high-performance and culture, individuals will step into the laboratory of their leadership; examine, assess and construct a blueprint to lead others effectively and take an ownership approach in your business.

SBS Customized Solutions

Is it Design-thinking, Innovation or Negotiation skills you need? We understand there is no cookie-cutter approach to either solving your leadership challenges or developing the leaders your business needs. We deliver customized interventions to fulfill your needs through innovative learning solutions that help your leaders grow.

We make leadership, make sense.

“If content is king, context is the emperor

We understand that great content isn’t enough. Our approach combines a science-based design and high-performance athletic principles that match your organizational needs to enhance skill acquisition and long-term development using:

The Leader Brain: How do you develop new skills? We introduce the neuroscience of leadership so participants understand things like why change is hard and why people don’t leave organizations, they leave bad bosses. We also structure our programs to immerse the participants in the experiences that lead to sustained behavior change.

The Leader Muscle:  The laws of growth help participants understand the critical ingredients for maximal development. How physiology plays a significant role in shaping the mindset needed to navigate modern organizational turbulence, build resiliency and drive innovation.

The Leader Virus: There is a science and structure to the behaviors that spread throughout your organization. Using the science behind social influence and contagion, we enable leaders to create deliberate impact through helping them clarify their leadership brand and demonstrate behaviors that have a positive ripple effect through the business.

The Leader Solution: The fast emerging science of epigenetics acts as a drop-back for leaders to understand the necessary ingredients for creating high performance cultures. Through understanding the basic mechanism of your environment, leaders gain an enhanced awareness and accountability of team ownership that drives excellence.

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Customized Solutions

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We use the latest science and a fresh creative approach to provide you different ways to develop your team and your business. Every situation is unique, which is why we customize our work to fit your particular needs.

Below is a sample of customized solutions we have delivered to organizations of all sizes in a variety of different industries:

  • Facilitation Skills
  • Effective Meetings
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk Taking and Innovation
  • Respectful Workplace
  • Extended Leadership Development Program

“Words cannot express the enhanced awareness that The Science Behind Success provides. It has been transformational in how we operate as a team. From how the leadership works within our business, to developing world class athletes, we were able to immediately apply the language and framework to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of what it REALLY takes to be their best.”

Morgan Alexander Owner, Revolution High Performance | 2006 Olympian

“I have been to many speaking events and by far this was the the most engaging! Jayson has an amazing ability to connect with his audience and flips the script on a conventional speaking event."

Zach Lyster, Co-founder and Director of Operations - The Commons Calgary2016 Top 40 Under 40

“Jayson has the gift of captivating an audience and engaging them in such a way that seemingly complex information is easily absorbed, understood, and integrated. I left feeling empowered with new information that I’d never received before, and am excitedly implementing the strategies he provided.”

Lana Wright, Lead facilitator, Womentum

"Jayson has a wonderfully unique approach to leadership, change and transition. Integrating key messages about self-leadership, neuroscience and high-performance, he kept the audience highly engaged with a blend of science, personal stories and humor. We had a long waiting list of folks hoping to attend his talk. I would not hesitate to bring Jayson back to speak to either our leadership or employees again!"

Sheri Allen, Director, Organization Development - AltaLink

"The Science Behind Success is a secret weapon that will fast track your career trajectory."

Gavin Harrison, Co-Founder - Compello Consulting Inc.